4G LTE-A Indoor Router


Maximized Network, Simplified Life

It combines WAN AP, LAN gateway, and VoIP/phone functions into one box. Thanks to its easy-to-navigate interface and minimalist look, it helps make your life easier!
LTE5388-M804 - Maximized Network, Simplified Life

Wireless Freedom

Installing cable internet is not cost/time-effective at all. It can liberate you from cable installation with 4G LTE wireless technology for any location with poor wired connection. No matter if you already have a router or not, it is able to operate both in bridge and router mode, making the device easy to deploy and integrate into your existing environment.
LTE5388-M804 - Wireless Freedom LTE5388-M804 - Wireless Freedom

Exceptional Speed, Signal and Performance

Equipped with Cat.12, the highest-level 4G LTE-A technology, connections for downlink speeds can go up to 600 Mbps through 3-band carrier aggregation and built-in 4x4 MIMO high-performance antennas. Even better, it embeds two external LTE antenna ports, which can boost your signal reception. Enjoy fast mobile internet.
LTE5388-M804 - Exceptional Speed, Signal and Performance

Seamless Connectivity

“Dual-WAN failover” function allows you to configure LTE as a backup when the performance of your main wired connection drops or set LTE as your main connection and the LAN port as a recovery WAN to keep a reliable network connection.
LTE5388-M804 - Seamless Connectivity

Connection Made Possible Anywhere

It employs 2.4/5GHz dual-band concurrent WiFi. Share your WiFi with up to 64 WiFi devices simultaneously. Connect it with a powerful security gateway, switches, NAS servers, VoIP/phone or other devices to cater your business or family network needs throughout the day.
LTE5388-M804 - Massive Connection, Custom Home Office

Simple Design,
Easy Management

It is designed with elegance and space-saving style. Its plug-and-play capability, user-friendly free “Zyxel Air” app and intuitive website GUI features, all of them offer an enjoyable, easy-to-use management experience through either a mobile device or desktop.
LTE5388-M804 - Simple Design, Easy Management LTE5388-M804 - Simple Design, Easy Management