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802.11ac Dual-Radio Unified Access Point

Wherever you are, WiFi follows

WAC5302D-Sv2 compact design and
reliable performance

One Device for Wired and Wireless
WAC5302D-Sv2 Clever Design for Hotel Guest Room

Today’s business and leisure travelers expect to connect high-speed WiFi when stepping into a hotel and would consider internet connectivity the top amenity. Most travelers won't hesitate to report bad WiFi experience and bother to come back again. So do you want a breakout rating in TripAdvisor? The Zyxel WAC5302D-Sv2 802.11ac Dual-Radio Unified Access Point is an adaptive WiFi and Switch for hotels.

Additionally, WAC5302-Sv2 is equipped with NebulaFlex Pro, allowing users to manage the AP through a local web management interface, hardware controller, or with a one-year free license on the Nebula cloud management platform.

WAC5302D-Sv2, Versatile mounting options in hotel guest rooms

Versatile mounting options in hotel guest rooms

The Zyxel WAC5302D-Sv2’ low profile and versatile mounting design make it a perfect choice for hotel guest rooms. It easily blends into tasteful decorations and can be mounted directly on an outlet box or any nook out of sight, even simply on desktop.

Welcome your guest with high-speed WiFi

Greet every guest with easy log-in and flicker-free WiFi is as important as warm smiles. Featuring smart antenna and beamforming, the WAC5302D-Sv2 promises hotel guests with enjoyable, ubiquitous HD streaming experience on their mobile devices.

Extending modern in-room services with a box

Nowadays, hotels provide guests with a range of in-room services including smart TV, VoIP and network for home-like comfort. Let WAC5302D-Sv2 keep the budget and cabling effort to the minimum. More than just a Wi-Fi AP, it has three local Gigabit Ethernet ports to securely attach devices while one of these ports supplies PoE power to the attached devices.

Most flexible management

The WAC5302D-Sv2 features NebulaFlex Pro technology, which allows the AP to be run in three different modes - standalone, controller, or Nebula Cloud Networking platform based on the need of each user. For a straightforward network it can be run in standalone mode, for a complex one that requires advanced features it can be run with an on-premises controller. And, Nebula cloud networking is designed to satisfy all situations with great scalability, feature-rich, and central management.

WAC5302D-Sv2, Most flexible management
WAC5302D-Sv2, Most flexible management
WAC5302D-Sv2, Most flexible management

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