Italian Logistics Giant Improves Security, Efficiency, and Reliability of Its Network with Zyxel Nebula Solution

Priano Marchelli, an integrated naval logistics company, has been expanding its office and warehouse in Genoa Bolzaneto for over a year. Its new layout aims to reduce and simplify the communication procedures between colleagues who interact and grow, discuss and help each other, demonstrating how it is possible to be more productive through effective teamwork. For this, the company needed a significantly strong network that was secure and could be managed easily. Priano Marchelli was able to attain this with Zyxel Nebula Solution.

Priano Marchell has developed and increased the reliability of the network infrastructure using the Nebula Cloud Networking solution in line with their consistent growth. Zyxel Nebula Solution allows centralized control of all devices, lowers costs, boosts competence, and facilitates secure and efficient operations.

Paolo Trucco

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