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PM7320-B0, Symmetric 10/10G profile
PM7320-B0, Integration with Zyxel NetAtlas
PM7320-B0, IOP with Zyxel XGS-PON OLT
PM7320-B0, Multiple scenarios
PM7320-B0, OMCI protocol management
PM7320-B0, Seamless triple-play services

Boost bandwidth with next-gen PON

Zyxel PM7320-B0 with one 10GbE and two GbE LAN serves as a simple bridge that enables service providers to address symmetric 10 Gigabit data access for subscribers under the P2MP structure. Furthermore, it is able to realize high-quality triple-play services such as voice, data and video over fiber optics.

Business networks

As a part of Zyxel two-box broadband access solutions PM7320 is ideal for such enterprise networks such as SoHo office connections with enterprise APs for a better public WiFi experience. In scenarios with high-density AP deployments, PM7320 is not only cost-effective, but provides a stronger signal to a higher number of subscribers for increased customer satisfaction.

Public WiFi networks

As a part of Zyxel two-box solutions PM7320 can offload the public WiFi hotspot coverage from existing 3G/LTE wireless heavy-load areas. Zyxel has already built its reputation in the hospitality industry and is well-known for its solutions for high-density usage areas. As WiFi quality plays a critical role in customer satisfaction, with Zyxel PM7320 service providers can increase guest satisfaction and keep business growing.

Home/SoHo application

PM7320-B0, Home/SoHo application

Enterprise application

PM7320-B0, Enterprise application

Hospitality application

PM7320-B0, Hospitality application

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