Nebula Gives Turkish Paper and Packaging Factories a Complete Network Makeover

With five factories located in four cities and dealing with massive inventories every day, Çukurova Paper and Packaging Group is heavily reliant on its wired and wireless handheld terminals. But with its existing network solutions unable to get the job done due to poor connectivity and difficult management, the company set its sights on building a better network. The new infrastructure would need to support the centralized management of networks while also enabling the separate management of each. Working with Arma Bilişim, Çukurova first had two of its factories’ networks overhauled, replaced with 10G high-speed solutions compatible with Zyxel’s Nebula cloud management platform. To provide a strong backbone for the sites’ networks, Zyxel’s XS1930 Series, XGS1930 Series, and XGS2210 Series switches were deployed. Next, NWA1123-AC PRO 802.11ac access points were installed to provide seamless, high-speed connectivity throughout the factories. Thanks to the selection of Zyxel’s Nebula solution, all wired and wireless handheld terminals now have continuous, strong connectivity across every square meter of the factories. Better yet, all network devices as well as the networks themselves can be managed anytime, anywhere by Çukurova’s IT team via the Nebula platform, accessible through web browser and mobile app.

By renewing the network infrastructure of all our production facilities with Nebula and compatible products, everything has changed. We can now manage the networks and handheld terminals of our paper and packaging factories from a single place. This means we can implement our network standards at all our points – easily and effectively.

Cenk Imalhan
IT Manager, Çukurova Paper and Packaging Group

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