Zyxel Wi-Fi Network Powers OpenStack Application Hackathon

Cloud computing specialists OpenStack recently hosted an application hackathon, attracting elite computer professionals, programmers and hobbyists take apart tasks and develop innovative solutions. The “Future City” themed event took place Taiwan, and was aimed at developing applications to solve transportation and climate issues. With more than 200 wireless devices expected to connect to the event’s network, it soon became clear that a robust and adaptable Wi-Fi solution would be needed by the hosts. ZyXEL came to the rescue, setting up a wireless network that would provide stable connectivity while being flexible enough to deal with unforeseen problems that could arise during the course of the competition.

"The ZyXEL team helped us quickly setup and manage the networking to support nearly 200 hackers with intense Wi-Fi demands at first OpenStack Application Hackathon in Taiwan, the Taiwan OpenStack community is vibrant, and contributors like the team at ZyXEL are one reason OpenStack is seeing such exciting growth in the region."

Jonathan Bryce
Executive director of the OpenStack Foundation

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