Mining Company Strikes Gold with Zyxel Wired and Wireless Solution

MNG Gold Turkey develops mining projects both domestically and in Western Africa. The company uses cutting-edge technologies to meet occupational health and safety standards while promoting domestic prosperity. Along with contributing to economic growth in local communities, MNG Gold also dedicates efforts to protecting nature and the environment as a key component of its basic operating principles. The company recently embarked on a project to upgrade its office network to provide wired and wireless connectivity to employees in its local headquarters and at locations in Africa. With the help of Zyxel partners and cutting-edge technology, the team was able to overcome the challenges of connecting multiple large locations across international borders.

At MNG Gold, a part of the MNG Group, we use cutting-edge technologies in our business operations, as is the case for the entire group. We selected Zyxel solutions and Aybiltech Bilgisayar, Zyxel's business partner, to set up the wired and wireless networks at our headquarters in Ankara. We want to thank all the teams who contributed in this project.

IT Manager, MNG Gold

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