Zyxel Provides Cool Solution to Food Storage Challenge

As one of the largest temperature-controlled storage facilities in northeast England, HSH Coldstores processes, stores, and ships food products from three specialised warehouses. It is a monumental undertaking requiring precision management of a range of factors, including ambient temperature control, logistics, and security, among other critical operations. An error could result in the loss of millions of pounds worth of produce and food products. When the company embarked on a plan to automate warehouse operations with a new wireless network, Zyxel stepped in with a solution that would be robust and reliable enough to perform in the demanding cold-storage environment.

We operate in a highly regulated industry, so it’s vital we have real-time understanding of the temperature and location of our assets. Small fluctuations in cold store conditions can destroy frozen products, while regulation by UK customs means security must be paramount. Zyxel’s end -to-end networking solution was the only one robust and reliable enough to suit our needs.

Anthony Howard
Managing Director, HSH Coldstores

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