University Connects Video Conference Center to International Partners with Zyxel Solution

The University of Central Europe in Skalica (UCEU) attracts students from around the world to Slovakia to receive a comprehensive education in an historic and internationally diverse learning environment. To communicate with foreign universities and partners, UCEU needed a new videoconferencing solution, but faced a number of complications caused by outdated and incompatible connections between various network infrastructures. Thanks to Zyxel solutions, the university managed to successfully integrate the right technology in several foreign cities and link the differing network infrastructures into one functional unit that could be centrally managed in Slovakia and provide seamless video connections.

"We have chosen Zyxel solutions for the implementation mainly due to the long-term presence of the brand on the Slovak market and the positive customer feedback on working with these devices. The price-to-performance ratio of the device in comparison with that of other brands also plays an important role in the choice of the Zyxel brand. We have been very satisfied with the choice of Zyxel devices for several years."

Dr.h.c. Ing. Heidy Schwarczová
PhD. Director and founder of the University of Central Europe in Skalica

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