Turkish Luxury Hotel Group Gets Comprehensive Connectivity with Zyxel DSLAM Solution

Access to high-speed Internet service has brought about rapid change in Turkey, and demand for stable, high-performance connectivity is only expected to increase. This is especially true in the hospitality and tourism sector where access to stable secure Wi-Fi can determine a business’s success. Owners of the Stone Group Hotels, a successful chain of luxury resorts in Turkish seaside city of Antalya, saw the writing on the wall and moved quickly to bring five of the group’s hotels up to date with a new high-performance wireless network solution. Local ZyXEL partner KBG Information assisted Stone Group Hotels in implementing the ideal network to meet the needs of guests and staff.

“At KBG Information, we always conduct important projects aimed at ZyXEL customers. We have conducted this project for the tourism industry, which is one of the greatest pillars of our economy. In particular, there is a high demand for Internet access in both guest rooms of large hotel chains and general customer areas. Therefore, we are extremely pleased to implement a project that can satisfy such customer needs."

Kerem Bilgehan Gül
Project Manager, KBG Information

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