Turkish Gas Station Chain Cuts Overhead, Makes IT Management Easy with Zyxel Wireless Solution

What growth milestones would you want to see for your business? Doubled sales year on year? There’s another landmark moment that’s far less satisfying: realizing you’ve outgrown your network. That was just the case for Bilginler. The expanding gas station chain’s old setup was costing it time and money, forcing its IT staff to crisscross the country to plug leaks at various branches. After a visit by Zyxel’s local partner, every one of Bilginler’s locations are now connected, letting its staff get back to growing the business. This is how we did it.

After assessing the situation, we decided to develop a solution using technology from Zyxel, whose products we found out are preferred by many companies worldwide. We’ve enjoyed working with Zyxel’s business partner, Aybiltech. They understood our needs and really delivered – designing a suitable, expandable structure as well as performing the installation and testing, all on schedule.

Tolga Bilgin
Board Member, Bilginler Inc.

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