Students and Faculty in Turkey Stay Connected Zyxel Wired-Wireless Solution

Doga Schools is one of Turkey’s largest private school chains, enrolling over 60,000 students across 100 separate campuses. When the education company added its newest college campus in Bolu, Turkey, it was to be equipped with the latest wired and wireless networking technology. To meet the challenge of providing seamless and secure service across a large facility, project managers turned to local Zyxel partner Makro Bilgisayar. The partner company designed a wired and wireless network infrastructure based on cutting-edge Zyxel products and solutions that was perfectly suited to the Bolu campus. Teachers and students can now connect easily to the Internet and each other from anywhere on campus without worrying about interruptions and loss of service.

"The Bolu campus of Doğa College is one of the latest additions to Doğa Schools. The new campus needed a wired/wireless infrastructure that could be used securely by all faculty members and students. We got in touch with Makropol Bilgisayar, one of Zyxel’s business partners, to purchase Zyxel products we had previously obtained knowledge about. The project was implemented in less time than we expected, and now we have a secure access infrastructure."

Egemen Tonyali
Representative and Manager

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