India Cable MSO Provides High-Speed Broadband Service with Zyxel GPON E2E Solution

When it came to delivering high-speed Internet and cable service to rural and semi-rural communities in southern India, local cable MSO Cable Vision faced several hurdles. They needed to create a network infrastructure that could support the company’s ambitious goals while staying within budget. The company recognized the potential for future growth in the local market, but there were also pitfalls. If they couldn’t adapt to changing conditions, their dream could quickly turn into a nightmare. Thankfully, Zyxel had just what was needed to create a high-speed broadband network based on the latest GPON optical technology. The plan would be scalable, manageable, cost-efficient, leaving plenty of room for expansion and adaptability.

The Zyxel GPON End-to-End solution helped our organization resolve performance issues and reduce maintenance costs caused by the outdated equipment we had been relying on. Not only did it fix ongoing problems, but it is fully customizable and scalable to meet future challenges. This will allow Cable Vision to provide triple play services to our subscribers in a very efficient manner. Earlier, we were using a switching network to provide Internet service, which was not efficient in terms of management and monitoring.

Mr. Malar
Managing Director of Cable Vision

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