ZyXEL ZyWALL 70 Dual-WAN Port Internet Security Appliance Meeting SMB's Needs

(Hsinchu, January 7, 2004) ZyXEL Communications (TSE:2391), world's leading broadband access solution provider, today unveils its latest Internet Security Appliance: ZyWALL 70, which integrates firewall, VPN, content filtering, dual-WAN port, Auto Fail Over & Fail Back, and bandwidth management in a single box. In the future, it can be upgrade with Active-Active Load Balancing functionality. With its easy-management design, the users can effortlessly benefit from its comprehensive security features.

"The targets of the hacker attacks on the Internet are no longer limited to large corporations," said Felix Chang, Director of ZyXEL's Network Security and Application Division. "That is, companies of any size may become the next victim of network threats without warning. Despite the fact that the firewalls built into the gateways in small companies can prevent the attacks to a certain level, but they are still vulnerable to the viral or worm assault from the networks within. Recently, many companies are converting their network security system to distributed and strategic deployments, with assistance from a centralized management mechanism, in order to protect valuable corporate resources. ZyWALL 70 has been exclusively designed to fit into this scenario -- its high performance, strategic protection, and centralize security service platform, are exactly what SMB need for building an all-aspect corporate network immune system," Chang added.

The powerful security features of ZyWALL 70 have been integrated on the ICSA-certified ZyXEL ZyNOS platform, which includes comprehensive Stateful Packet Inspection, (Distributed) Denial of Service (DoS/DDoS), dynamic Web Content Filtering, etc. ZyWALL 70 provides 70 simultaneous IPSec VPN tunnels; on VPN, ZyWALL 70 employs rock-solid AES encryption in addition to DES/3DES, as well as PKI security schemes encrypted by private and public keys, to ensure the privacy of the financial and information transactions, along with the accuracy of personal identities.

ZyWALL 70 sports a rack-mount and dual-WAN port design. The dual-WAN port feature offers three benefits to users:

1. If WAN 1 happens to fail, the WAN2 port can be used as Auto Fail Over & Fail Back to ensure Internet access High Availability.

2. The dual-WAN port of ZyWALL 70 gives the administrator the liberty to assign the dataflow to run through WAN1 or WAN2, according to the packet priority or bandwidth required.

3. As a free upgrade in the second quarter of 2004, the administrators are able to engage active-active load-balancing between WAN1 and WAN2.

For wireless network environments, ZyWALL 70 provides an Access Point expansion slot on the back panel. The current version supports 802.11b WLAN standard, and 802.11g standard compatibility is expected in the second quarter of 2004. Naturally, ZyWALL 70 also features WLAN security measures, such as WPA, IEEE 802.1x authentication with RADIUS client, as well as IPSec VPN over WLAN.

The front panel of ZyWALL 70 boasts four concurrent DMZ (De-Militarized Zone) ports, sufficient for common outgoing corporate servers like Web, mail, FTP, etc., thus prevents the cost of an external switch.

In addition, ZyWALL 70 has an intuitive, easy-to-manage Web-based configurator. When administrators need to manage the network off-site, ZyWALL 70 can initiate remote configuration, management, control, as well as trouble-shooting through ZyXEL's Vantage CNM (Centralized Network Management), which dramatically reduces the maintenance complexity and support costs. What's more, ZyWALL 70 even supports HTTPS, SSH, and SFTP protocols during the remote session to enforce the absolute discretion of the data exchanged. More information on ZyWALL 70 please visit http://www.zyxel.com/product/model.php?indexcate=1073271397&indexFlagvalue=1021873683.

Available now, the ZyWALL 70 and can be ordered via ZyXEL's global sales network of system integrators and value-added resellers. To find a ZyXEL distributor nearest your location, please consult: http://www.zyxel.com/wherebuy/index.php.

About ZyXEL Communications
ZyXEL Communications Corp. (TSE: 2391), located in Hsinchu, Taiwan, is one of the world's leading broadband access solution vendors. ZyXEL's broad line of Internet Protocol-based (IP) networking solutions includes access multiplexors, customer premise equipment, Internet security and Wireless LAN equipment, enabling high-performance network services for SOHO, small to mid-sized businesses and service providers. ZyXEL works closely with worldwide network equipment vendors, telecommunications companies, ISPs, and other major businesses. For more information, visit the company's Website at http://www.zyxel.com.