ZyXEL Will Showcase Its Most Comprehensive Range of Broadband Access Solutions at CeBIT 2000

Hannover, February 24, 2000 - ZyXEL Communications Corp., (TAI: 2391.TW) an innovator and a leading supplier of DSL customer premises equipment (CPE), today announced that it will highlight its new broadband access and wireless LAN solutions at CeBIT 2000 in Hannover from February 24 - March 1 in Hall 14, Stand J56.

ZyXEL Expands ADSL Router Family with The New Prestige 642
ZyXEL announced the Prestige 642, the newest addition of its award-winning Prestige 600 family of ADSL bridge/routers. The Prestige 600 family represents the industry's first ADSL router series to implement PPPoE, which preserves the existing dial-up networking infrastructure to facilitate ADSL usage and deployment for users and service providers. The Prestige 642 provides Full-rate/G.Lite solutions giving transmission speeds of up to 8Mbps/1.5Mbps, making it an ideal solution for bandwidth hungry Internet access applications.

ZyXEL Introduces SDSL Router for SMB
ZyXEL's Prestige 681 SDSL router features symmetric data transmission at selectable speeds ranging from 144Kbps to 2.3 Mbps, making it an ideal high-speed alternative to expensive T1/E1 leased line services for SMB seeking to access the Internet or remote office networks. The Prestige 681 supports multi-protocol routing for TCP/IP and Novell IPX, as well as transparent bridging for other protocols. Frame Relay support also ensures the Prestige 681's high throughput and reliability for today's bandwidth hungry businesses.

ZyXEL Enters MDU Market with the Universal Access Concentrator Solution
Designed for today's many Multiple Dwelling Units (MDUs), ZyXEL's universal access solution includes the Prestige 1600 and multiple network modules such as IDSL and analog modems. The Prestige 1600 is equipped with three Network Module slots, a WAN interface and an optional four-ports 100M-LAN switch card, which enables different network modules to co-exist in the same chassis and to interoperate with the standards-based CPE.

A Prestige 1600 with two IDSL network module cards can support up to 32 IDSL ports, and uses 10M/100M Ethernet as a daisy chain for connecting up to five 1600s to form a high capacity IDSL concentrator system. ZyXEL will provide an interchangeable analog modem, SDSL, and G.Lite module cards for wider application and expansion, hence making the various Prestige 1600 configurations a highly flexible DSL solution for deployment at high rise buildings, communities, and central sites by Telecoms, ISPs and System Integrators.

ZyXEL also provides flexible and cost-effective client side routers and modems to deliver complete access network solutions. The Prestige 100L IDSL, ZyXEL's new IP router, allows full-duplex data transmission rates of up to 128Kbps over distances of up to 18,000 feet. ZyXEL's Omni 128L, another CPE solution for the Prestige 1600, is an ideal IDSL modem for long range transmission in a campus or large business environment for point-to-point connections. The Omni 128L supports 64K or 128K symmetric transmission, and works with standard U loop ISDN repeaters to extend the range to 36,000 feet from the central office.

ZyXEL Has Achieved Interoperability with Major DSLAM Manufacturers
To speed widespread deployment of DSL solutions, ZyXEL has confirmed that its ADSL and SDSL solutions are interoperable with major vendors' COE. This encompasses interoperability of the Prestige 641 ADSL router with more than five major DSLAMs, including those from Lucent, Alcatel, Ericsson, Nokia, Nortel, Pairgain, and Samsung, and for the Prestige 681 with CopperMountain's CopperEdge DSL concentrators.

New Dual Ethernet Router with Security Built-in
Building on its long-term commitment to add security to the network, ZyXEL is introducing the Prestige 312 dual Ethernet Internet security gateway, the newest addition of its Prestige 310 family which allows SOHO and SMB LAN users to share a DSL/cable modem or broadband routers. By integrating firewall capability, the Prestige 312 protects the company's network from undesired and unauthorized access.

ZyXEL Introduces DSL/Cable Wireless LAN Solutions
ZyXEL will disclose its first step in the wireless connectivity with the new Prestige 316, a futuristic wireless LAN solution that gives mobile laptop users fast and reliable access to the Internet via the DSL or cable line. Designed as a dual Ethernet router, ZyXEL's Prestige 316 adopts one 10Mbps Ethernet as a WAN port for connecting to a cable or DSL modem for fast Internet access. It is equipped with one 10/100Mbps port as well as a built-in 11Mbps wireless access point for wireless LAN connection at distances of up to one mile (1.6KM). The Prestige 316 also supports firewall and packet filtering to maximize network security.


New Cable Modem Bridge/Router for SOHO and Residential Users ZyXEL's Prestige 941 cable modem bridge/router allows multiple LAN users to connect to the Internet using the hybrid fiber coaxial (HFC) cable. The Prestige 941 cable modems are based on the Multimedia Cable Network System (MCNS) Data Over Cable Service Interface Specification (DOCSIS) standards specifications, which make it interoperatable with other DOCSIS compliant cable modems and cable headend equipment. The Prestige 941 provides peak downstream data rates of 43 Mbps and upstream data rates of 10 Mbps, as well as complete network management tools and security protection.

About ZyXEL Communications
ZyXEL Communications Corporation (TAI: 2391.TW), located in Hsinchu, Taiwan, is a leading supplier of broadband Internet access devices, routers, ISDN terminal adapters, and high performance modems. The firm provides complete networking access solutions for Internet/Intranet/VPN/Extranet applications, and also provides networking service solutions in the design, implementation and maintenance of networks for small- to medium-sized businesses. At CeBIT 2000, the company will be highlighting the latest in broadband access, DSL/cable wireless LAN solutions, and ISDN solution for small businesses, and personal communications. For more information about ZyXEL at CeBIT 2000, please visit company's CeBIT Website at: http://www.zyxel.com/html/press/show/2000/cebit.html