ZyXEL Supports New ADSL Lab

Leading the Initiative to Promote Worldwide Acceptance of ADSL Technology

ANAHEIM, California, June 25 1998 - ZyXEL Communications announced today its support of a new ADSL lab that is aimed at accelerating the adoption of new technology for high-speed access to the Internet.

The result of a collaboration between Cisco Systems Inc. and Taiwan's Institute of Information Industry (III), the lab will focus on ADSL (Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line) technology, which transmits data at speeds up to 8 megabits per second (or more than 125 times faster than 56Kbps modems). Unlike other high-speed communications technologies, ADSL operates across existing copper telephone wires.

ZyXEL has joined five other leading Taiwan-based computer and networking product manufacturers in working with the lab to co-develop innovative ADSL products. The other manufacturers include Askey Computer Corp., DB Networks, GVC Corp., Sun Moon Star, and Tecom.

Through its cooperation with the lab and the integration of ADSL functionality in its products, ZyXEL and the other manufacturers will help increase worldwide consumer awareness of ADSL technology and its benefits.

"Because of ADSL's high-speed access and the widespread accessibility of phone lines, we expect this technology to dramatically alter the way people use the Internet," said Shin-Jou Fang, president and CEO of ZyXEL Communications. "We are excited about partnering with Cisco to promote the next great advance in the growth of the Internet."

Cisco recently announced an end-to-end ADSL architecture and line of products that allow service providers worldwide to profitably offer high-bandwidth access over existing phone lines. ZyXEL's ADSL-enabled products can maximize this infrastructure by receiving a mark of interoperability from Cisco upon the successful completion of the lab's standardized testing.

During a June 4th ceremony in the hall of the Ministry of Economic Affairs in Taiwan, ZyXEL signed the cooperative agreement with III and the other five manufacturers. The event was jointly hosted by C.P. Chang, administrative vice minister of the Ministry of Economic Affairs, and Yun Kuo, the president of III.

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