ZyXEL Solves BYOD Networking Challenges with Secure, Long-Range AP Delivering Extensive Wi-Fi Coverage and Optimized Signal Quality of Competing Solutions

ZyXEL NWA1100-NH provides simple, cost-effective BYOD network optimization, ensuring maximum employee flexibility and productivity while solving bandwidth, connectivity and security challenges presented by handheld mobile device business computing

August 27, 2014 – Hsinchu, Taiwan - ZyXEL Communications, today releases the NWA1100-NH Long-Range PoE Access Point, an innovative solution designed to allow businesses to fully embrace the BYOD networking revolution, while at the same time ensuring complete Wi-Fi user satisfaction, maximizing security and minimizing administrative overhead.

ZyXEL is a global leader in broadband networking technology, providing a comprehensive portfolio of wired and wireless network solutions for a wide range of customers that includes telecommunications service providers, small- to medium-sized businesses and home users.

BYOD networking has changed client computing forever, bringing new levels of employee flexibility and productivity into the workplace, but also posing a host of bandwidth, connectivity and security challenges. More than 80% of employees now use at last one personally owned mobile device for business, and this number is set to increase. These users expect access to any application, from anywhere in the building, without degradation in performance.  However, smartphones and tablets typically have lower power output than traditional client devices. This means that providing seamless connectivity throughout the corporate network can require significant network redesign.  But not with the ZyXEL NWA1100-NH. This ground-breaking AP has been specifically engineered to overcome the challenges of BYOD networking, and is fully equipped with ZyXEL’s visionary One Network technology, guaranteeing simple and non-disruptive installation, maintenance and troubleshooting.

The NWA1100-NH utilizes a 2x2 MIMO antennae array with enhanced wall and ceiling penetration to provide 33% greater coverage and four times the signal quality of competing solutions. Coupled with sophisticated encoding techniques, this optimized antennae technology delivers maximum data throughout, even for lower powered handheld devices, ensuring all employees, guests and Wi-Fi Hotspot users enjoy a fast, latency free connection wherever they roam in the organization. The NWA1100-NH has also been certified Medical Device Directive compliant, making it perfect for use in hospitals and other health facilities where interference with medical devices must be avoided.

As the industry leaders in the innovation of customer focused networking solutions, ZyXEL is always looking for ways to reduce the management burden associated with the implementation of new technology. The NWA1100-NH has been designed in accordance with ZyXEL’s pioneering One Network vision, ensuring a uniquely streamlined and efficient user experience with a lower TCO. The embedded ZyXEL One Network Utility delivers simplified and centralized setup, while the ZyXEL Access Point Configurator utility eliminates the need for repetitive administrative tasks, allowing batch AP configuration, backup and firmware upgrade. 

The NWA1100-NH also incorporates the latest and strongest enterprise-class security, including comprehensive access control with WPA2-Enterprise, to safeguard network assets. 

Layer 2 Isolation and BSS traffic blocking allow for granular, MAC address based resource allocation, so that guests and Hotspot users can be granted access to the internet and other shared resources, without compromising the security of the corporate network or the privacy of other users. These features make the NWA1100-NH ideal for hospitality and retail environments where robust Hotspot security is required.

The NWA1100-NH builds on the success of ZyXEL’s hugely popular NWA1100-N Access Point, extending the range and throughput in order to accommodate the huge influx of lower output-power handheld devices generated by the BYOD networking revolution. With advanced security features, flexible operation modes, and with embedded ZyXEL One Network setup and maintenance technology, the release of this product confirms ZyXEL’s position as the industry leader in cutting edge, user focused AP solutions.

For a complete list of product features, please visit NWA1100-NH on the ZyXEL global Web site or contact your local sales representatives.

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