ZyXEL Launches New Unified Internet Access Gateways

One-for-all Service Gateway for Multiple Accessibilities in Wired and Wireless

Sep 3rd, 2012; Hsinchu, Taiwan – ZyXEL Communications, a world-class broadband networking company that provides leading Internet products and solutions for customers ranging from telecommunication and service providers to small- and medium-sized businesses and home users, today introduces UAG715, a new Unified Access Gateway with functions empowered by an integrated architecture for Internet access to the hotel industry. The one-for-all design has been exclusively developed for hotels to tackle the mounting demands from visiting guests for both wire and wireless Internet connections as ubiquitous Internet connectivity in hotel premises has become a prerequisite for hotel services and customer satisfaction.


According to several research reports, prevalence of broadband penetration and smart mobile devices are still maintaining a steady momentum despite that the global economic downturn in the recent years. People now depend on always-on Internet connection not only for work but for all aspects of life as well: they want to get connected wherever, whenever they go. In response to this phenomenon, service businesses, the hospitality sector in particular, must offer different, better amenities to the customers. High-performance wired/wireless Internet connectivity that provides desirable speed even with a considerable amount of concurrent users is now a key to customer satisfaction. To make it happen, hospitality businesses like hotels are facing tougher challenges constructing networking systems with higher complexity then before.


Combing all the necessary features in one device, the ZyXEL UAG715 Unified Access Gateway offers IT people and business owners an integrated, easy-to-manage access solution to overcome the challenges. Powered by a quad-core CPU and Gigabit WAN and LAN ports, the UAG715 ensures the best-in-class networking performance in the competition; it delivers routing throughputs of up to 250 Mbps to provide guaranteed bandwidth and connection quality for all users. The powerful hardware design makes it so competent that as many as 300 users can access the Internet concurrently without compromising wire or wireless networking performance for individual users. The Gigabit dual-WAN load-balancing and failover design of the UAG715 assures robust, reliable and redundant Internet accessibility for multiple subscriptions to different Internet Service Providers (ISPs) and satisfactory service quality for all end users on the network.


With a customizable Web-based Guest Access Authentication portal, the ZyXEL UAG715 enables hotels to activate robustly protected Internet services for hundreds of guests with ease. With given account information, guest can get secure wired or wireless Internet access in just a few seconds. On the portal, businesses can customise the interface design and information with company logo, background, news, special promotion and/or activities for more brand image promotion and business potentials. As people are allowed to enjoying the convenient Internet services, cyber-security becomes a challenge as well. To protect connected guests from cyber threats and malware intrusions, the UAG715 comes with network security features such as the ICSA-based firewall technology and comprehensive content filtering functions powered by Blue Coat’s industrial-leading security solution to ensure leak-proof protections. For remote workers or business travelers, the UAG715 provides IPSec VPN connections for individual users to ensure secure connection to the corporate intranet without any security concern.


Built upon a single unified architecture with abundant features, the UAG715 proves high return on investment for the businesses that adopt the new concept. To learn how your business can elevate customer satisfaction with improved guest services and operating efficiency, please refer to the details on the UAG715 Web page or contact your local ZyXEL representatives for complete product information.



ZyXEL Communications Corp.

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