ZyXEL Introduces Next-Generation Unified Security Gateway Ranges, Delivers Best-In-Class Protection for Medium-Sized Businesses

Oct 7, 2014 – Hsinchu, Taiwan – ZyXEL Communications today announced the release of two new additions to its industry-leading Unified Security Gateway range — the USG310, which joins the company’s Advanced Series USG line-up, and the USG1100/1900, now a member of ZyXEL’s Extreme Series. As part of ZyXEL’s hugely successful Next-Generation USG portfolio, the Next-Gen USG Advanced line-up offers secure and always-online network protection for medium-sized businesses. The Next-Gen USG Extreme Series provides businesses the complete protection, performance and reliability ZyXEL is renowned for. The series also benefits from ZyXEL’s signature myZyXEL.com, the streamlined and centralized license management platform, as well as Vantage Report for centralized log collection and analysis. These features create a unique, time-efficient and seamless Next-Generation security solution.

ZyXEL is a global leader in broadband networking technology, providing a wide portfolio of wired and wireless network solutions for customers ranging from telecommunications service providers to small-and medium-sized businesses and home users.

As businesses expand, an increasingly diverse range of users, devices, applications and cloud based-services are incorporated into the networks upon which business operations depend. Without proper planning and protection, this can open the door to a constantly evolving stream of denial of service attacks, spyware and malware. These factors also introduce new levels of complexity into networks, increasing the management burden and leading to potential security breaches, as well as inefficiencies and spiralling costs.

In order to fully safeguard a business’s accessibility and productivity, robust and efficient next-generation security hardware and applications are needed. ZyXEL’s USG Extreme and Advanced Series utilize best-in-class technology to deliver just that. Additionally, by operating seamlessly within ZyXEL’s framework of powerful network security analysis tools — the Vantage Report — it also delivers enhanced visibility and manageability to ensure security policies and bandwidth usage are always up-to-date and fully optimized to business demands. This heightened level of visibility and manageability allows administrators to tune their device configurations and security policies to their organizations’ specific requirements for a more secure, responsive and business-centered IT infrastructure.

The Next-Gen USG Extreme and Advanced ranges take firewall security to a new level by combining powerful and resilient hardware with ZyXEL’s extensive range of web-based support services. Each gateway features deep, sophisticated anti-malware technology, as well as granular social networking control to eliminate security threats and maximize staff productivity. Multi-core high-frequency CPUs maintain peak performance while a multitude of security functions operate in the background. At the same time, triple-level, high-availability technology with multi-WAN load-balancing and failover, VPN high-availability and mobile broadband back-up ensure continuous 24/7/365 network operation.

ZyXEL designs all its products for maximum usability and minimum management burden. The ZyXEL Extreme and Advanced USGs are no exception, offering centralized device and service registration, activation and management through cloud-based MyZyXEL.com. In addition to license management, ZyXEL also provides an auto-update mechanism allowing all deployed USG devices to receive a current signature to guard the networks behind them with the latest protection from mySecurity Zone. These features provide help our customers deliver best service possible to the networks they manage.

As a global leader in network security hardware with decades of experience providing customers with fast, efficient and truly integrated network technology, ZyXEL is uniquely positioned to take the Next-Generation Unified Security Gateway to a higher level. By coupling ZyXEL’s new USG Gateway Extreme and Advanced Gateways with ZyXEL’s extensive centralized web-based security services, businesses can benefit from customized, up-to-date, seamless security without increasing network complexity, costs, or the burden on management staff.

For a complete list of product features, please visit USG Extreme Series and USG Advanced Series on the ZyXEL global website or contact your local sales representatives.

ZyXEL Communications Corp.
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