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Security Appliances and Services

Zyxel's Security solutions provide powerful real-time protection that ensures service continuity, best CP performance and improves network control. The Zyxel Security safeguards your organization's customer and company records, intellectual property and critical resources from external and internal threats that vary from minute to minute.
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Next Generation Unified Security Gateway-Performance Series


Next Generation Unified Security Gateway-Advanced Series


Next Generation Unified Security Gateway-Extreme Series


Licenses for Unified Security Gateway/ZyWALL Series

Security Licenses

Single Sign-on Agent

SSO Agent

VPN Client Software

VPN Client Software

The Network Report Analyzer

Vantage Report

Centralized Network Management

Vantage CNM

Appliances and Services

Hotspot Management

Appliances and Services

Device High Availability Pro

Appliances and Services

Content Filtering 2.0

Unified Security Gateway

USG 20W/20

VPN Firewall

ZyWALL 1100/310/110

VPN Firewall


VPN Client Software

Subscription-based VPN software for USG and ZyWALL products.

Unified Security Gateway

The most comprehensive security all in one package for business.