ZyXEL Expands Its Router Product Line to Home Networking with Prestige Router/Hub Series

New Prestige 100IH and 100MH Deliver Flexible Connectivity to Internet Access for Home Networking

Hannover, Germany, March 19, 1998 - In its commitment to take a leadership position in the Home and SOHO networking markets, ZyXEL Communications today introduced the latest addition to its Prestige family of total Internet access solutions, the Prestige Router/Hub series which combines full Internet access capabilities with a built-in 4-port 10BaseT hub. This series includes the Prestige 100IH for ISDN connection up to 128Kbps and the Prestige 100MH for PSTN connection up to 56Kbps.

Designed to address the continued growth of both Home and SOHO networking markets, the Prestige Router/Hub series provides Internet access, LAN-to-LAN connectivity, and remote access for home and SOHO users. The addition of a 4-port 10BaseT hub connects up to four PCs on the LAN to access Internet.

"Today the remote access market for the home and SOHO environment is extremely important. We view the Prestige Router/Hub series as a strategic product line. The Prestige 100IH and 100MH offer a cost-effective and flexible Internet access solution for multiple PCs installed in SOHO and home. They reduce the complexity of providing simultaneous Internet and LAN access in a single device." said Munira Brooks, marketing manager at ZyXEL.

Single User Account (SUA)
ZyXEL��s innovative SUA is the industry��s first implementation of Network Address Translation (NAT). The SUA technology permits LAN users to access the Internet simultaneously while subscribing to only a single IP address.

Using SUA and dynamic IP address assignment, ZyXEL's unique Multiple Single User Account allows access to the Internet and a corporation's network simultaneously using only one address for each connection, preserving the precious IP addresses. In addition, the Prestige Router/Hub series includes all features provided by Prestige 100.

Flexible Connectivity: ISDN or 56K
The Prestige 100IH provides ISDN connection up to 128Kbps and the Prestige 100MH provides PSTN connection up to 56Kbps. For maximum speed up to 56Kbps with Rockwell K56flex solution, the Prestige 100MH will freely migrate toward to the ITU standard V.90. The built-in 56Kbps analog modem will allow users to take advantage of the highest analog speed available to users at this point.

Easy Configuration, Management and Security
The Prestige Router/Hub series are both easy to manage and secure. ZyXEL's new Java-based Prestige Web Configurator simplifies initial installation, configuration and filter setup for Internet access. The ability to act as a DHCP (Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol) server simplifies the setup of clients, including Windows 95 and Windows NT. Call history and syslog features allow for comprehensive call tracking. The Flash EPROM makes upgrades and feature enhancements easy without losing a user's configuration. The Prestige Router/Hub series provide PAP, CHAP and CLID for user authentication.

The first customer shipping date of Prestige 100IH with S/T interface is scheduled for April '98. The Prestige 100MH is scheduled to ship in May ��98. Availability in North America to be announced for both models.

About ZyXEL Communications
ZyXEL Communications Corporation (http://www.zyxel.com), located in Hsinchu, Taiwan, is a leading supplier of high-speed ISDN terminal adapters, remote access routers, modems, and compatible LAN/WAN data communications products. Since its inception, ZyXEL has built a strong reputation as the price/performance leader in connectivity devices by providing high quality and high performance at affordable prices.