ZyXEL Enables Future-proven Enterprise Security

New IPv6-certified ZLD3.0 firmware boosts network security with advanced features

February 17, 2011; Hsinchu, Taiwan – ZyXEL Communications, a world-class broadband networking company that provides leading Internet products and solutions to the telecommunications industry, small- and medium-sized businesses and home users, today announces the availability of its upgraded ZLD3.0 firmware for the ZyWALL USG product family. With IPv6 certification and several enhanced features, the ZLD3.0 firmware has been developed to provide business customers deploying the ZyWALL USG (Unified Security Gateway) products with network protection against the emerging cyber threats and intrusions to assure optimal communication efficiency and business performance.

Powered by the new ZLD3.0 firmware, the USG products can still achieve high throughput with security features such as inspection, detection and filtering activated. This contributes to better bandwidth optimization for performance-critical applications, such as VoIP, to benefit commercial users. In preparation for the arrival of IPv6, a new Internet protocol providing an enormous number of Internet addresses for the increasing digital multimedia applications, the “IPv6-Ready” Gold Logo-certified ZLD3.0 firmware protects business customers during the migration process from the older IPv4-based networks to full IPv6. Since each system on the IPv6-based network is assigned a unique IP address and is prone to more threats and attacks, security performance is especially critical to the new infrastructure.

In addition, the new ZLD3.0 firmware provides many features for users’ convenience as well. The intuitive “Easy VPN” configuration mechanism relieves the IT staff from extra efforts by enabling automatic configuration to activate the new protection effect once the upgrade process is completed, so businesses won’t risk interruptions of network security. In response to the rising needs for remote management as mobile device users and telecommuters become prevalent, the new firmware supports VPN technology on iPhones, Android-based smart phones and several other mobile devices. Employees can now easily connect to the company network for business communications anywhere without the concern of the network being abused or eavesdropped.

Developed in collaboration with industrial-leading content filtering solution providers, the ZyWALL USG products can perform comprehensive, up-to-date content filtering tasks to ensure in-depth, fault-free protections for the network.

To learn all feature details of the new ZLD3.0 firmware or to download it for immediate deployment, please visit us at the USG ZLD3.0 on www.zyxel.com

ZyXEL Communications Corp.
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