ZyXEL Collaborative Smart Home Solutions

The integrated applications on ZyXEL home connectivity network

October 16, 2013, Hsinchu, Taiwan – ZyXEL Communications, a world-class networking company that provides innovative, reliable Internet solutions for customers ranging from telecommunications service providers, small- and medium-sized businesses to home users, is showcasing the new End-to-end Smart Home Solutions and the integrated home network supporting deployments of Smart Home Solutions in BBWFE2013. The combination of ZyXEL’s Smart Home Solutions and the integrated home network is capable of helping service providers to immediately generate service revenues.

The challenges of building a smart home system include the difficulty to integrate and manage all devices on the network as well as to address the compatibility issues among devices. Application providers capable of offering total solutions with holistic device, technique, and application coverage are rare. The ZyXEL Smart Home Solution is a one-stop shop that integrates all components required by a smart home system into an infrastructure comprising of smart devices, application portals, communication techniques and hardware platforms. To present this complete Smart Home Solution, ZyXEL cooperates closely with major partners including: MINDSPEED, ProSyst, ROCKETHOME and SIGMA DESIGNS (in alphabetical order) to ensure the quality, stability and compatibility.

ZyXEL Smart Home Solution is partner-ready and deployment-ready. Just select a suitable package and enable an account for the customer who have subscribed and purchased a service with the corresponding service suite, then service providers can easily activate the Smart Home Solutions for the subscriber.

To build a collaborative Smart Home Solution, a fundamental no-new-wire network in the residential environment that provides a stable full-home network coverage is essential as home entertainment media such as HD content streaming, game console and multiple mobile devices are driving dramatic bandwidth demands.

The ZyXEL Home Wired connectivity solution covers the Powerline Adapter Series that uses the house existing power outlets to activate the network. ZyXEL’s Powerline Wireless Extenders utilize the latest Wi-Fi and powerline technologies to expand networks into wirelessly-challenged environments. The technology takes advantage of the existing home power outlets to transfer data through power lines in order to circumvent wireless environment challenges such as walls and other interfering devices to enable full network coverage throughout the home.

As more devices are connected within a Smart Home network, having a faster wireless network that supports a large amount of concurrent broadband users is essential. ZyXEL’s Home Wireless connectivity solution constructs a fast, seamless network with the latest 802.11ac and Dual-band technologies.

ZyXEL’s 802.11ac Wireless Routers are designed for the latest and future mobile devices adopting the 802.11ac technology such as the Samsung Galaxy S4 and HTC One. With the concurrent dual-band wireless networks of speeds as fast as 1750 Mbps, ZyXEL’s 802.11ac wireless routers deliver high-speed Internet access and smooth high-definition streaming playback.

Another featured series is the ZyXEL Media Streaming Box. The Media Streaming Box utilizes the less congested, “cleaner” 5GHz wireless channel to send uninterrupted streams to set-top boxes or game consoles, and this in turn improves the transmission performance. It can be easily setup by simply connecting one video bridge to a set-top box/game console and the other to an Internet sharing device, and then pushing the WPS button on both bridges.

For more details, please visit our booth at D40/Hall11 or www.zyxel.com, or contact your local ZyXEL representatives.

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