ZyXEL Announces the World's First Carbon Footprint Verification on its VDSL2 CPE Product

Hsinchu, Taiwan, October 8, 2010 –ZyXEL Communications, the world's leading broadband access solutions provider, announces today, that a carbon footprint verification on ZyXEL's VDSL2 CPE, P874, has been achieved and certified, according to the International Carbon Footprint Standard PAS2050. By succeeding in earning this third party verification by BSI (British Standards Institution), the ZyXEL's device is the world's first VDSL2 CPE to achieve this carbon footprint verification. It is not only a critical milestone for carbon footprint management of networking products, but it also gives international recognition and demonstrates ZyXEL's supreme efforts concerning environmental care.

The ZyXEL VDSL2 device which supports Chunghwa Telecom's networking deployment also signifies that ZyXEL's carbon footprint verified product is recognized by a leading telco operator.

"We are proud that ZyXEL's product has complied with International Carbon Footprint Standards and that ZyXEL has become the first company in the world, to complete this verification on VDSL2 CPE," said Shun-I Chu, CEO of ZyXEL. "ZyXEL always takes the lead in developing innovative and eco-friendly products and features, as producing the world's first carbon footprint verified VDSL2 CPE demonstrates again that ZyXEL products not only offer energy efficiency and outstanding performance, but also meet global environmental standards."

The product carbon footprint of ZyXEL's VDSL2 CPE refers to the total amount of carbon dioxide emissions, including each stage of the product's lifecycle from raw material, manufacturing, delivering, consumer usage, discarding, and then to recycling. ZyXEL has developed a complete "Coordinated Information System" that makes carbon emission investigation and management highly practical and remarkably efficient. Through use of the "Coordinated Information System", "Green Product Database", "Life Cycle Analysis System", "3R and Disassembly Report Database" and "Restriction of Hazardous Substances Management System", ZyXEL aggressively controls its environmental impact, for the entire lifecycle, of all its products, by continuing and strengthening its commitment and responsibility as a corporate citizen by developing less toxic, waste-reducing, easily recyclable and energy-efficient products.

ZyXEL is dedicated to developing low carbon footprint products with its innovative R&D capabilities as it embraces and cultivates energy-saving and environmental-friendly concepts for product development. ZyXEL's green products features include Power Usage Adjustment, Wireless Scheduling, Wake on Demand, Smart Fan Control and Intelligent Power over Ethernet, that help consumers to reduce the overall amount of carbon emission when they use their electronic products.
While not only complying with the EU directives, ZyXEL also compels its suppliers and itself to meet international customers' environmental-friendly requests. As a responsible global corporate citizen, ZyXEL will be aggressively seeking innovative 'green ways' to develop its products and technologies for a better environment in the future.

For more carbon footprint information about this product, please visit ZyXEL booth G1 at BBWFE 2010 from October 26-28.

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