ZyXEL Announces IES-6000 High Capacity IP DSLAM

Hsinchu, April 10, 2007 -- Aligning with its strategy of targeting the worldwide Central Office Broadband Access market, ZyXEL Communications Corp. (TSE:2391) today announced IES-6000, the new flagship in the company's IP DSLAM product portfolio. In addition to the highly reliable system design, L2/L3 QoS, security and multicasting features, IES-6000 largely increases the system capacity of a frame. With versatile DSL line cards, a single IES-6000 chassis can support up to 768 ports. With IES-6000, operators can easily provide advanced and flexible DSL services to more subscribers with less OPEX and CAPEX.

"To ZyXEL, it, a firm objective to satisfy network construction needs of different operators through a comprehensive IP DSLAM range with less footprint and more functionalities, "said P.C. Lee, VP of Central Office Equipment Business Unit. "We are delighted to see IES-6000 enabling us to take one step further in the CO segment of the broadband access network market. Customers will realize that we are not only a competitive partner in the small- and medium-sized IP DSLAM market, but also in the carrier-class CO-based DSLAM market."

ZyXEL IES-6000 is a 12.5U-height, chassis-based IP DSLAM with 17 vertical slots. A new MSC can be plugged into slot 8 and/or slot 9, while the remaining 16 slots can be dedicated to DSL line cards. As the new flagship of ZyXEL's IP DSLAM range, IES-6000 has a maximum capacity of 1 MSC card and 16 Line cards to support up to 768 subscribers. The new MSC card comes with 48G full-duplex switching capability and 8 GE uplink ports; the uplink ports can be configured into 4 Trunk Groups and each group can have up to 6 GE Ports.

ZyXEL IES-6000 has dual DC power inputs, failover-enabled management switching features and hot-swappable FAN modules with bottom-top ventilation flow. ARP Proxy feature minimizes the ARP broadcast requests to all subscribers, and IGMP v3 features support multiple video servers of different content providers on the same system platform. TACACS+ agent enables remote authentication with external TACACS+ servers, while DHCP option 82 sub-option2 mechanism provides remote client ID information to DHCP servers for flexible IP address assignment. Moreover, the IP bridge functionality alleviates the restriction of massive Layer 2 access network deployment resulted from MAC address table limitation and security attack issues. More information on IES-6000 please visit ZyXEL website at www.zyxel.com.

The ZyXEL IES-6000 system provides diverse DSL and management switch cards with separated splitter cards to suit the business and residential needs of different DSL markets:
-          IES-6000M 17-slot rack-mountable main system with 19" chassis
-          ALC1248G Hot-swappable 48-port ADSL2/ADSL2+ Annex A/Annex B line card
-          SLC1248G Hot-swappable 48-port SHDSL/SHDSL.bis line card
-          VLC1224G Hot-swappable 24-port VDSL2 line card
-          MSC1024G Failover-enabled Network Termination Card
-          IES-3000ST Splitter chassis with 15 slots for splitter or extension cards
-          ASC1024 24-port ADSL2/ADSL2+ Annex A/Annex B splitter cards
-          VSC1024 24-port DMT-based VDSL2 splitter cards
-          SEC1024 24-port SHDSL/SHDSL.bis splitter cards

All above products are currently available and can be ordered via ZyXEL’s global sales network.

About ZyXEL Communications
ZyXEL Communications Co. (TSE: 2391), headquartered in Hsinchu, Taiwan, is the world's leading broadband solution provider. ZyXEL's wide ranging Internet Protocol (IP) based networking solutions include access multiplexors, customer premise equipment, Internet security and Wireless LAN equipment, enabling high-performance network services for SOHO, small to mid-sized businesses and service providers. ZyXEL works closely with worldwide network equipment vendors, telecommunications companies, ISPs, and other major businesses. For more information, visit the company's Website at http://www.zyxel.com.