The Tolly Group Tests Show that ZyXEL MS-7206 Ethernet Modular Switch with Zero-Loss Performance, Low Latency and Eco-friendliness of its Power Consumption

Hsinchu, Taiwan, May 23, 2008 – ZyXEL Communications Corp. (TSE:2391), the world's leading broadband access solution provider, today announced that its MS-7206 Ethernet Modular Switch has been tested and evaluated by The Tolly Group, the third party validation services provider. The test results show zero-loss and low latency performance across the unit's 192 GbE throughput, while also noting the eco-friendliness of its power consumption.

As a premier independent test lab, the Tolly Group has worked with major vendors worldwide to evaluate their most important products and technologies, enabling vendors to verify a specific feature or function through a comprehensive evaluation. Furthermore, the group provides users with an objective view of a product and validates vendors' claims.

Especially with high speed data and bandwidth–intensive activities, a switch's throughput and latency are two of the main concerns IT executives' have when reviewing elements of switch infrastructure. Engineers with the Tolly Group measured the MS-7206's Layer2/3 traffic load across 192 GbE ports and the throughput results show that, "Even in a complex full-mesh scenario, there is no packet or frame loss, even when tested with frames/packets ranging from a taxing 64 bytes to 1518 bytes." On the latency front, the MS-7206 offers extremely low latency to ensure the quality of connectivity. "The MS-7206 delivered between 5.6 to 15 microseconds of latency, well below thresholds that could negatively affect real-time applications such as voice or video traffic."

The Tolly Group test results confirm that ZyXEL's MS- 7206 can deliver industry-leading performance and switching technology when compared to leading competitors. It demonstrates that ZyXEL's core Ethernet technology has stepped into a new era."
Moreover, apart from performance and reliability, energy consumption is also fast becoming a primary issue for networks. In designs for next generation networks, the cost and availability of power are always major considerations for enterprises.

According to The Tolly Group Tests, the MS-7206 only uses 555 watts of power in idle mode, needing only an additional 28 watts of extra power when operating with 100% traffic load. The engineers found out that when driving the same 1 Gbps, the MS-7206 used only 3.04 watts with 100% load traffic. Meeting the multiple goals of cost efficiency, eco-friendliness, all without sacrificing operational performance and functionality, the MS-7206 will be the best choice for enterprises."
The ZyXEL Modular Switch MS-7206 is a new generation Enterprise core switch. With its high throughput, low latency, redundant management fabric design and PoE 802.1af full power support with external PSU, an enterprise can easily manage their service variation and future bandwidth growth.

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