TDC Selects ZyXEL Home Disk Product to Provide Advanced Home Entertainment Solutions

Hsinchu, Taiwan, April 13, 2010 – ZyXEL Communications (TSE: 2391) today announces that TDC, the leading Danish provider of communications solutions, has selected ZyXEL's network storage device, the TDC Home Disk, to provide its customers with flexibility and mobility for their home entertainment system. This partnership demonstrates ZyXEL's competence and excellence in the digital home market.

The TDC Home Disk, a 1-bay network storage appliance developed by ZyXEL, is equipped with a powerful backup solution and multiple network applications that help TDC to introduce users to many advanced home entertainment services. For TDC's users, the TDC Home Disk enables them to combine photos, videos and music on the home media central server which can be accessed anywhere via the Internet. The TDC Home Disk also performs as a media server by allowing its users to enjoy the "TDC Play" music subscription service, anywhere in the home, in a PC-less home entertainment environment.

End users benefit from the automatic online backup service that instantly protects their important files from loss and assists in easily restoring any files from the backup. The fancy, remote, user interface enhances the users' ability to access media files on their TDC Home Disk at home via the Internet, regardless of where they are at.

TDC increased its customer base by half a million to 11.7m in 2009 by providing its customers with comprehensive products and solutions. "The need of a fully interoperable, easy-to-use digital content management solution at home is increasing," said René Brøchner, senior VP of TDC TV, broadband and telephony. "TDC Home Disk developed by ZyXEL helps us move further into the household and also helps our customers to take more advantage of the service we provide."

"ZyXEL commits to providing innovative solutions combined with usability and flexibility to enhance the digital life experience." said Chinru Lin, Assistant VP of the ZyXEL Digital Home Business Unit. " With this successful cooperation model, we are confident that the experience obtained will benefit our other worldwide digital home-related projects."

The ZyXEL network storage appliance series offers powerful data management and an automatic backup solution. With a high-performance platform integrated with the service providers' backend servers, the ZyXEL NSA series enables home users to download DRM-protected videos and music from the service providers' servers to their home storage unit, which delivers the content to the player. The UPnP and DLNA 1.5 certified features of the NSA make it easy to efficiently access, share and enjoy music and videos from any compatible media player or TV. The ZyXEL NSA series' platform also enables auto-downloading/uploading without powering a PC and provides free upgrades of system resources for a PC. Users can freely access and share multimedia content which has been downloaded to a home storage device.

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