From Conference Call to Reminder Ring , ZyXEL Brings Telephone Voice Services to its ISDN Terminal Adapters

New flash firmware upgrades for ZyXEL's Omni Series ISDN Terminal Adapters add support for phone companies' Supplemental Voice Services

ANAHEIM, California, May 18, 1998 - ZyXEL Communications Inc. announced today that its and TA128 Terminal Adapters now support supplemental voice services offered by local telephone companies, along with the existing full set of ISDN telecommunications functions most in demand by consumers and small businesses.

ZyXEL's Omni TAs - which provides Internet and remote access at speeds up to 128 kbps (higher with data compression tools) - now provides call waiting, conference calling, call drop, call hold/retrieve, call transfer, call forwarding, reminder ring, and message waiting (visual and audible). "We believe this is the most complete set of services offered by any terminal adapter manufacturer," said Munira Brooks, marketing director, ZyXEL Communications Inc.

Omni TA users who have retained their analog telephone line just to have these services can now materially reduce their telephone costs by using their ISDN line for all voice and data communications. Supplemental voice support can be downloaded as a firmware update at no charge. The terminal adapter's Internet Configuration Manager (Windows 95-based) can then be used to activate codes for those telephone company services subscribed to by each user.

ZyXEL's Omni family of products marks a significant trend in home and small office communications toward high-speed ISDN connections for cruising the Internet, downloading high-volume data files and remote LAN access, according to Brooks. Omni TAs are compatible with National ISDN-1, AT&T 5ESS, Northern Telecom DMS-100 and Siemens EWSD switches as well as Euro-ISDN protocols.

"Supplemental voice services is one more benefit on the road to winning widespread consumer acceptance of ISDN for personal, SOHO and telecommuter applications requiring network connectivity," Brooks said, "and the ability to easily add functionality to ZyXEL terminal adapters reflects our commitment to keep making it easier and more cost effective."

About ZyXEL Communications
ZyXEL Communications Inc., (, located in Anaheim, Calif., is a leading supplier of high-speed ISDN terminal adapters, ISDN remote access routers, modems, and compatible LAN/WAN data communications products. Since its inception, ZyXEL, has built a strong reputation as a price/performance leader in connectivity devices by providing high quality and high performance at affordable prices.