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Security Service

Threat prevention with SSL inspection

Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) encryption has seen extensive worldwide proliferation, with many popular Web and cloud-based services like Dropbox and Gmail offering users the ability to have their entire sessions encrypted. Unfortunately, attackers are also turning to encryption to evade detection, increasing the prevalence of malicious activity. Enterprises now face the challenge of how to inspect incoming and outgoing traffic for threats under SSL encryption.

Continuous defense for superior protection

Continuous defense for superior protection

Zyxel Intrusion Detection and Prevention provides weekly signature refreshment to all the subscribed appliances. Signatures are updated without interruption as new threats emerge, so you never have to leave your network exposed. Capability with imported customized signature is also provided for networks with specific defense needs.

Full coverage of network threats

Zyxel Intrusion Detection and Prevention (IDP) supports layer 7 context-aware threat analysis, as well as behavior analysis, for detection of encrypted threats and applications to protect against both client-side and server-side vulnerabilities. The IDP signature can identify a wide variety of malware threats and attacks such as Trojans, backdoor applications, and DoS attacks, as well as other security hazards. We provide full protection, whether facing anomaly-based or vulnerability-based threats.

Continuous defense for superior protection
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