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Licenses for Unified Security Gateway/ZyWALL Series

Licenses for Unified Security Gateway/ZyWALL Series


Content Filtering Service

Content Filtering allows administrators to easily block certain types of web content without having to manually block each URL individually. Block inappropriate sites and social networking sites quickly and easily.

Managed AP Service

Wi-Fi access has been the mandatory in deploying a modern network. With the increase of connected end devices, the network administrator will need to add more Wi-Fi AP to the network. By incorporating the managed AP service in the Next-Gen USG series, administrators can apply the centralized management and provisioning to the newly added Wi-Fi APs.

Anti-Virus Service (powered by Kaspersky)

Anti-Virus (AV) is the first line of defense to protect your internal network against zero-day attacks and the most active viruses in the wild list. Zyxel security appliances integrate the world-leading AV technology from the industry leader Karspersky to guard the networks of our customers. Gateway Anti Virus shouldn’t be ignored even client AV installed, due to client AV can be disabled by users or it cannot be installed in all the end devices in the network. The Zyxel AV provides an additional layer of defense against latest threats, buying valuable time for software clients to be updated to an appropriate protection level.

Anti-Spam Service

Anti-Spam service protects against spam, phishing and virus-laden emails. The extremely high performance technology comes from the unique recurrent pattern detection (RPD) mechanism that possesses its superior capability through analyzing millions of new patterns each day (24x7x365) to block all the associated messages real-time. In addition, the ZyWALL USG applies sender-based IP reputation to remove over 80% of unwanted mails and to take advantage of the zero-hour virus outbreak protection feature, which is capable of blocking or delaying suspicious messages hours before commercial anti-virus signatures are available.

IDP Service

Zyxel Intrusion Detection and Prevention (IDP) allows the administrator to control specific applications and also block well known trojans and back door applications that can infiltrate your internal network. The Zyxel IDP system uses Deep Packet Inspection (DPI) technology and supports up to 8,000+ signatures for the top well known applications and Trojan/backdoor applications. This adds another layer of security and also provides the administrator the flexibility to block specific programs that are not allowed on the network like P2P file sharing or instant messaging.

SSL VPN Client Service & IPSec VPN Client Service

Browser-triggered, easy implementation without requiring client software to be pre-installed*

Deploying client to site VPN connection via client software approach, with strongest industry authentication support (SHA-2 512-bit) and fast connection

(*) Client-less installation is only supported in Windows-based OS. In MAC OS the pre-installation of client software is still required.

Application Intelligence

Zyxel Application Intelligence utilize the DPI engine and enables administrators the capabilities to identify, categorize and control over 3,000 social, gaming, productivity, and other Web applications and behaviors. Administrators can prioritize productive applications, throttle acceptable ones, and block unproductive applications to boost productivity and prevent bandwidth abuse.

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