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WiFi Without Boundaries

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Get superb WiFi coverage where you need it

What size business do you have? Discover the right system with maximum wireless performance and coverage for your business. Multy delivers wired-like WiFi performance no matter where you are in your business environment.

Extend your WiFi coverage further with daisy-chaining

No matter where you are in the office, you can deploy multiple Multy nodes throughout your environment providing even greater wireless coverage!

Multy Plus, AC3000 Tri-Band WiFi System

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Powerful Tri-Band technology delivers the ultimate WiFi experience

Experience no degradation in speed and reliability with its dedicated wireless backhaul for creating a large wireless network coverage in your business environment.

Seamlessly stream for all Internet needs

Create one unified WiFi network for all your business devices, Multy Plus automatically connects to the strongest signal Multy node without the need to reconnect on your mobile device.

Wave goodbye to WiFi woes!
Creates a reliable WiFi experience for your employees and guests.

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