Zyxel Helps Russian Museum Enrich Visitor Experiences with Tech-enabled Exhibits

To celebrate the 75th anniversary of the end of the Siege of Leningrad, it was decided to finally equip the museum with a modern network. This would improve the visitor experience by supporting engaging exhibitions powered by LAN, such as through interactive media and kiosks, projectors, and IP audiovisual equipment, and it would deliver strong, roaming-friendly WiFi for visitors and staff alike. The project was starting completely from scratch; located in what used to be an agricultural museum, the building didn’t even have an existing wired network, much less wireless infrastructure. “Reliability and manageability were the two main criteria by which the equipment for the project was selected,” says Kirill Korolevich, IT chief at system integrator BMK. “We looked at multiple manufacturers and settled on Zyxel Networks because of its products’ reliability, easy setup, and value for money." BMK and the museum deployed five GS2210 switches and two NXC-2500 controllers, with ten of Zyxel's WAC6103D-I 802.11ac access points installed to deliver lightning-fast WiFi across the site. No issues arose during the deployment, and the network operation has been smooth and uninterrupted, with new tech-enabled exhibits engrossing visitors to the museum. The museum is already planning to work with Zyxel again on further expansions of its network and exhibition areas.

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