Vehicle Factory’s Inventory Management Shifts into Top Gear with New Network

A new enterprise resource planning system had been deployed across the factory, equipped with wireless barcode readers. But to use it for tracking warehouse stock of spare parts and consumables as intended, reliable wireless was needed – a large step up from the fragmented WiFi previously only available in the office area. The company turned to Light Technology, Zyxel’s official distributor in Uzbekistan. “The client made special demands regarding the quality of the equipment,” Light Technology PM Takhir Aliyev says. “Network disruptions were unacceptable and the most affordable solution was preferred. Indeed, Zyxel’s superior price-to-performance ratio was a decisive factor.” The workshop and warehouse facilities where wireless equipment was to be installed housed large numbers of metal parts, posing interference problems. This was overcome in two ways. First, a radio survey was conducted to determine the best AP installation locations. Next was the selection of Zyxel’s APs. Along with versatile mounting options for easy deployment and optimal performance, its WAC6552D-S and WAC5302D-Sv2 APs feature field-proven smart antennas that dynamically change signal patterns and mitigate interference to extend coverage and provide reliable connectivity. With the project complete and paying dividends in efficiency, the company says it’s sticking with Zyxel in its future expansion plans.

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