Turkish Hospital Stands Ready for Today and Tomorrow with Futureproof Network

The hospital was planning a new investment in its communication infrastructure. As well as to address the increasing number of visitors and connected devices, which were exacerbating existing data-processing and capacity problems, the upgrade would prepare the hospital for the health sector’s ongoing digital transformation, from robot-performed surgery to digitally aided diagnoses. Partnering with system integrator Dugan Computer, the hospital got to work on the massive undertaking, deploying an army of Zyxel’s network switches and access points to deliver speedy, site-wide wireless powered by futureproof infrastructure. Thanks to their dual-optimized antenna, the WAC6103D-I 802.11ac APs that were installed have adjustable antenna patterns fit for ceiling- or wall-mounted scenarios, delivering reliable connectivity throughout the institution. The XS3700-24 switch provides secure access protection and uninterrupted business continuity with 10G speeds, while the GS2210 Series switch provides an agile communication infrastructure supporting various applications like VoIP and IPTV videoconferencing. All equipment and network devices are being managed from a single point through the centralized network infrastructure. The centralized network structure provided by the NXC5500 WLAN Controller is invaluable, providing the flexibility and scalability to address WiFi distribution problems and support an ever-growing number of devices.

We’ve been working with Zyxel Networks for years and have accomplished many successful projects together. We’re very pleased to work with such a leading company in its field, especially as their technical support is second to none and always available when we need it. Zyxel’s marketing and sales training and support also set it apart by really enabling us to develop our competencies and thus get a strong position in the health care industry. And of course, most importantly, its solutions deliver high network performance and internet access speeds. In the hospital’s case, we’ve helped it increase its work efficiency and provide uninterrupted health care services.

Yalcin Perktas
Dugan Computer

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