Speedy, Secure WiFi Offers Bright Future for Growing Italian Lighting Firm

Moving into a new headquarters to support its growing size, Nemo Studio needed to connect not only three floors of office space but also a 1,000-square-meter warehouse. Universal wireless coverage was required for the office and warehouse to enable roaming with laptops and support the deployment of radiofrequency guns. Meanwhile, high speeds were needed for large graphic design files to be transferred in seconds. Nemo Studio also wanted to strengthen the security of its network by separating it into different zones, installing a firewall to enable the real-time protection of inbound and outbound traffic, and preventing access to and by unauthorized devices. Working with system integrator Inside Technologies, the company sought to replace the new location’s obsolete infrastructure with only a small number of high-performance devices. In particular, Zyxel’s Nebula cloud networking management solution was deployed, with WiFi 6 APs and ATP firewalls. With Nemo Studio now having moved into its new HQ, the solution is delivering strong network performance segmented for PC, voice, and internal services. It’s also benefiting from the complete WiFi coverage, with the RF guns increasing warehouse efficiency manyfold, and the speed of connections having more than doubled thanks to the 10Gbps network.

The Zyxel solutions we adopted have proved to be simple and straightforward to install as well as to offer strong, comprehensive security.

Silvio Di Benedetto
Senior Architect & Consultant, Inside Technologies

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