Modernized Network Helps Turkish Museum Bring History to Life

Being able to use technology to create an engaging educational experience was the core goal of the museum’s network upgrade. “We strive to use technology to depict the siege of this city in a detailed, realistic, and visually impressive way,” local government technical manager Mesut Öztürk says. “As well as the panoramic display, the museum hosts dozens of works donated by veterans and their relatives. It also houses the interactive areas expected of a modern museum.” The museum’s management and data communication systems, IP cameras, kiosk and information screens were connected to the municipality via a line leased from telecom Superonline. Zyxel network switches and access points were deployed to connect all the museum systems and devices, ensuring uninterrupted connectivity and optimal visitor experience. In addition, all connections in the museum and its affiliated units are now secure – without sacrificing speed or performance. Besides, the smart surveillance network ensures stable and continuous operation 24/7, giving the museum peace of mind about securing the precious artifacts. Another key advantage for the network admin is that by using Nebula, Zyxel's cloud-based management platform, the entire network can be monitored and controlled via the cloud.

“We have always enjoyed working with Zyxel. With Zyxel’s top-notch solutions, we could deliver fast, uninterrupted connectivity, and completed this project with perfect results.”

Volkan Kartal
Project Manager, Akor Project and Consultancy

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