Cleone Foods Selects Zyxel to Reach Warehouse Dead Spots and Drive Employee Efficiency

The UK-based Cleone Foods was ready to grow, but they needed the cutting-edge network to make it happen. Their interference-prone production facility, a minefield of temperature changes and physical obstructions, was the problem. Instead of throwing money at the network nightmare, Cleone made the savvy choice: a cost-effective and cutting-edge Zyxel Wireless Solution. Their current suite of Zyxel access points, switches, and controllers has enhanced production communications and made the successful food company even stronger. And with more digitization projects in the works, they’ll be sure to return to Zyxel in the near future.

At Cleone Foods, WiFi connectivity is imperative to communications on the factory floor, so finding a network provider with hardware that works efficiently in our harsh environment was of utmost importance. To make doubly sure, the Zyxel access points are encased in IP65 clear boxes with drain tubes and the connectivity hasn’t suffered as a result. Through the help of Enterprise Data Systems, our staff can now freely work where they need to on the warehouse floor. We can now look forward to phase two of our digital transformation plan to develop greater traceability and stock control via iPads.

Wade Lyn
CBE, Cleone Foods

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