Zyxel Switching Solution Brings Smart Tech to Kiev Metro

We’ve all been there: jam-packed, rush-hour mass transit. It’s hard enough for an experienced commuter. But imagine being a frazzled tourist, unable to remember your friend’s directions, jostled by the end-of-workday hoard, no WiFi signal to save you. It’s a horror story of the modern age, but one that the Ukrainian capital of Kiev was trying to rewrite. While designing a virtual guidance system for train passengers, the city had one major concern: hardware durability. After a year of rigorous testing, Zyxel took down the competition convincingly. A city with vast history got a network device for the future; its weary travelers got the guiding hand they needed.

The passenger sees the train’s current location, how many stations remain, and total travel time. The new information system makes it easy to track your journey—as long as you don’t fall asleep! Many thanks to Zyxel and our Ukrainian MTI distributor for helping with the testing and deployment.

Oleg Khavruk
Director, Trans-Media

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