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How will 5G help your business

How will 5G help your business?

5G is more than a small step up from 4G – its multi-Gigabit speeds, super-low latency, and huge device connectivity are bringing immense changes for business. According to GSMA Intelligence, 5G will be the first mobile standard in history to have a larger impact on enterprises than consumers. This impact will range from remote connections for out-of-office workers to smart factories with AI-guided precision automation.


of IT decision-makers say their organizations have already started planning for 5G*1


of SMBs see 5G fixed wireless access as an effective alternative or backup to wired broadband*2


of biz and tech insiders think 5G will drive small business growth and competitiveness*3

So why use 5G?

Blistering speeds 100 times faster than 4G networks*4 are hard to argue with, but how do they translate into noticeable changes for businesses?

For starters, the increased bandwidth and data transfer rates offer unmatched customer experience and work efficiency. In addition, this high performance lets you simplify your infrastructure; no more using multiple wired and wireless networks – instead, a 5G solution, like fixed wireless access (FWA), handles it all.

And then there’s cost: 5G makes it not only quick but cost-efficient to connect homes and businesses.

5G offers a mini-revolution in every application. For example, Zyxel’s 5G NR Mobile WiFi router and 5G NR Outdoor router delivers latency 60 to 120 times lower than that of 4G, meaning the delay from when data is uploaded to when it reaches its target is nearly undetectable.

Real scenarios, real changes

Here’s just a taste of the practical, game-changing applications that 5G is making possible:

High-speed, uninterrupted networks for SMBs

For smaller offices, hassle-free 5G FWA is an ideal upgrade from wired 4G like DSL or cable (or even from earlier generations). Why perfect? For one, because 5G provides higher speeds at substantially lower costs. One such option is using a WiFi mesh system as your office network gateway. In this case, the 5G wireless router isn’t a backup device for your 4G broadband – it’s the backbone of your network. 5G is also a godsend for the Covid-accelerated transition to remote working. That’s because 5G routers like Zyxel’s 5G NR Mobile WiFi router give employees lightning-fast and highly secure access to their company’s network when working outside the office. This ensures safe, constant connections, including crystal clear, ultra-smooth HD video-conferencing.

Low latency, multiple simultaneous connections for smart factories and corporations

The industrial applications of 5G and 5G-powered IoT and AI are revolutionary, giving manufacturers the capacity, latency, and speeds needed for next-generation smart factories and corporations, such as through applications like automated guided vehicles, with better precision and lower costs than human inspection. Or utilize 5G network slicing technology, which can vastly improve operational efficiency. 5G also eliminates some pain points, like juggling complex environments with multiple wired and wireless networks for separate factory and office connections, as well as dealing with multiple-node WiFi infrastructure, which is unstable and easily interrupted.

It’s time to upgrade your network

Interested in adopting 5G but not sure where to start? Take a look at Zyxel’s 5G NR Mobile WiFi router and 5G NR Outdoor router to get familiar with the tech and know what you should be looking for.