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Product roadmaps incorporating the Zyxel PMG1005-T20B bring more flexibility for system integrators to deploy their service networks as GPON networks allow containing various deployment scenarios within one single service site. Instead of deploying a specific type of home gateway, the two-box solution allows system integrators to provide multiple product combinations to fulfill different scenario requirements through the same user interface.

The Zyxel PMG1005-T20B is fully compliant with the ITU-T G.984 GPON standard and has been field-proven on E2E Interoperability with Zyxel GPON OLT product series, making it a brilliant choice as an entry-level GPON Single Family Unit (SFU).


High-speed Gigabit offers seamless triple-play services

As broadband wireline access technology evolves, it increases not only the number of subscriptions, but also the need for bandwidth capacity by each individual home or enterprise unit. The high-bandwidth services, such as 4K/8K HD video streaming, cloud-based data storage and more, have become a trend and significantly changed users’ behavior. In the mean time, they also triggered the strong demand for higher access speed to migrate to the Gigabit era. The Zyxel PMG1005-T20B GPON SFU with 1-port GbE LAN is a simple bridge that enables service providers to address Gigabit data access for subscribers under the P2MP structure and to realize high-quality triple-play services such as voice, data and video over fiber optics.

* Download speed: 2.5 Gbps/Upload speed: 1 Gbps
** Download speed: 800 Mbps/Upload speed: 200 Mbps

Zyxel E2E readiness improves product time-to-market

The Zyxel PMG1005-T20B is one of Zyxel’s GPON ONT product series that guarantees E2E interoperability (IOP) with Zyxel’s OLT PON line cards. The Zyxel PMG1005-T20B is equipped with the Zyxel-specific OMCI parameter that works perfectly with Zyxel’s EMS and OLT systems. With the E2E-capable parameters, Zyxel provides not only the standard parameters defined by OMCI but also some specific parameters that help service providers to diagnose, operate and manage their fiber networks. Leveraging this E2E-ready solution helps service providers to shorten the product time-to-market as well as to avoid the huge IOP investments.

Same user experience with advanced product combinations

With the P2MP structure, service providers are able to provide various service packages to fulfill different user requirements into single deployment sites with the most cost-effective product combinations. The Zyxel PMG1005-T20B can perform as a Layer-2 Optical Network Terminal (ONT) followed by any Layer-3 devices such as routers, WiFi APs, and home gateways, and more depending on individual subscriber’s preference. Since the WLAN technology and other gateway interface requirements evolves rapidly, using a two-box solution reserves space for service providers to substitute the second box with the same user interface if the users keep using the PMG1005-T20B as their GPON access terminal.

Application Diagram

*All specifications are subject to change without notice.