Zyxel Rolls Out the Red Carpet at Press Event with Winning Wi-Fi Solution

During awards season in Hollywood, Onsite Mac is on the job providing a range of networking and IT services for some of Tinsel Town’s biggest events. One annual event in particular has presented a host of challenges for the company that typically specializes in Apple-based solutions. They are called in each year to provide wireless connectivity to the media for a high-profile red carpet press gala. The sheer number of connections from various devices has created difficulties with dropped signals and cross-channel interference. This year, company turned to Zyxel for a complete wireless solution featuring hardware that would overcome these problems and provide a stable and secure network environment.

"We figured that Zyxel would have a solution that would fit for our unique environment. The breadth of products, their functionality and features, and the pricing gave us the cost-effective, reliable, high-performance solution that we needed."

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