Zyxel Helps Turkish Hotel Refresh its Network Without a Moment of Downtime

Remember 2008? The first iPhone had only just been released the previous year; most people still used feature phones and got online via a wire. Technology has changed a lot since then, and the world has changed with it. But in the Turkish capital, Hotel Monec went from 2008 to 2018 with very little change to its network, which over time developed into a small blemish on the establishment’s otherwise glowing reputation. The hotel wanted an easy-to-manage solution comprising wired and wireless infrastructure plus upgraded management of its IP surveillance and IP telephone systems. This is how they got it.

After examining the products of companies offering solutions, we chose Zyxel’s, which we were happy to see met the needs of our hotel precisely.

Timur Seyhan
General coordinator, Hotel Monec

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