Italian Luxury Denim Brand Enhances Consumer Experience with Zyxel Nebula Solution

When the Italian denim brand Jeanseria Lusso needed a high-quality wireless network to meet their rising connectivity demands, they turned to Zyxel for a solution. The company wanted a solution in two different outlets, with two separate networks for the staff and customers. But the stores were located in historic buildings, which had thick walls that made the penetration of wireless signals challenging. Moreover, the entire setup had to comply with GDPR norms to protect the privacy of the users. Zyxel offered its cutting-edge Nebula Solution that enabled access to high-speed, uninterrupted wireless connectivity throughout the vast merchandise display areas. The network adhered strictly to GDPR and provided enterprise-level security with VPN for absolute data protection. Click here to see how our technology-enabled the successful implementation.

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