Homesick Students Connect with Family and Friends via ZyXEL Wi-Fi Solution

Han Student Houses provides a welcoming atmosphere to students studying at any of Istanbul’s several universities. The company realized that most of its young tenants would want to be able to connect easily to the internet to not only access study materials, but also to communicate with family and loved ones via Skype and other video chat applications. Hundreds of users connecting to a network at the same time presented a challenge. Video and voice traffic could easily clog the network and negatively affect the user experience. The dormitory needed a robust network that could handle the heavy use simply and efficiently if it wanted to maintain its reputation as one of the city’s best student housing providers. Thankfully, ZyXEL had just the solution for the job.

“ZyXEL helped us provide high-speed internet connectivity through a seamless network. The project was completed in two days and the biggest indicator of its success was how positively the users reacted, expressing their satisfaction to us that our service and the selection of ZyXEL products represented a major step forward.”

Gökmen Kapti
Han Student Housing’s General Manager

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