Connecting a School Where Every Pupil Has a Tablet

Five buildings, 52 teachers, 600 students, and a sprawling campus. Any school this size is already tough to network, but Alemannenschule Wutöschingen in southern Germany needed even more: WiFi access that covered every square inch of the school and that could cope with heavy data usage by up to 500 users. Now, after our local partner integrated Zyxel switches, security gateways, and access points with the existing server tech, the school’s again living up to its cutting-edge reputation. Teachers can use digital whiteboards without interruption, students can stream learning materials without buffering, and visitors can walk from one side of the campus to the other without a dead spot.

Zyxel has proven its abilities through the consistent positive experiences we’ve enjoyed while working together. They’ve quickly become our main provider for network components.

Benjamin Bährle
AMP’s IT system administrator and technical system consultant

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