Zyxel's new ATP firewall uses the cloud to make cutting-edge cybersecurity simple for SMBs

With cloud sandboxing, ATP stops zero-day attacks in real time


Hsinchu Taiwan, 17 September 2018—Zyxel Communications today announced a new firewall line that finally gives SMBs a cost-effective way to protect their networks and their data—even from zero-day attacks that fly under the radar of conventional security solutions.

Zyxel ATP is an all-in-one gateway solution that integrates scalable, cloud-based sandboxing with multiple additional layers of security to detect and block known and unknown threats.

Zyxel’s ATP line combines conventional security measures with cutting-edge protection including cloud-based sandboxing.

Zyxel ATP: Advanced threat protection

“Last year’s ransomware epidemic was a warning that you don’t need to handle sensitive information or large sums of cash to be targeted,” said Dean Shih, senior AVP of Zyxel’s Gateway SBU. “Compounding the problem are unknown threats. These can’t be stopped by conventional security solutions and they’re growing fast—up 40% in the second half of last year. Until now, the cutting-edge tech needed to fend off these threats has been prohibitively expensive for most SMBs.”

This barrier to entry is no more with the ZyWALL ATP series and its multi-layer protection. On the front line is sandboxing, which executes unknown and potentially dangerous data packets in a safe, concealed environment to determine whether they’re safe before letting them in—or not.

Many threats don’t make it to the sandbox. Like most security solutions, Zyxel ATP assesses incoming data packets by checking the integrity of their signature. But in addition to receiving regular updates of newly flagged signatures from trusted sources like Bitdefender, Zyxel ATP also receives a continuous stream of updates for every new threat identified by every other ATP firewall worldwide.

One-year free gold subscription

For a complete solution that can neutralize threats in every form, Zyxel ATP is fortified with seven additional layers of protection: web security (content and botnet filters), app and email security, intrusion detection and prevention, geo-blocking, a managed AP service, and SecuReporter, an upcoming cloud-based service that analyzes your security data to offer insights that are simple to understand and use.

Zyxel ATP comes with a one-year gold subscription out of the box, giving users time to get to know each feature.

The ATP200 is more tailored toward small business whereas the ATP500 can fill the needs of both small and medium-sized enterprises, boasting throughput of 1,800 and 2,600 Mbps and recommended user numbers of 1–50 and 50–100, respectively. For more information, visit: https://www.zyxel.com/products_services/ATP-Firewall-ZyWALL-ATP500/

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