ZyXEL Brings Personal Cloud to Mobile Devices

New NAS Operating System NSMv5.1 and Tools to Simplify Personal Cloud Access and Share with Mobile Devices

Dec. 21, 2015 – Hsinchu, Taiwan – ZyXEL Communications, a global leader in broadband networking technology, today announced the release of a new operating system version, the NSM v5.1* and a set of free tools designed to make NAS-powered Personal Clouds seamlessly connect with mobile devices. The enhancements will enable ZyXEL Personal Cloud users to access, edit, collaborate, and share their personal cloud with friends and family on their mobile devices – even to those without a physical NAS device.

The prevalence of mobile devices and applications today means an abundance of files are created, shared and utilized across devices. Traditional cloud storage appliances allow users to store data centrally in a personal server, but it also has drawbacks in data access and sharing that needs to be compensated by technical configurations. ZyXEL means to break the chore of accessing these files.

The key to the transformation is the new operating system for ZyXEL Personal Cloud Storage, the NSMv5.1; the myZyXELcloud web portal; and the ZyXEL Drive mobile app that altogether empowers mobile users with instant, hurdle-free access to their files, videos, photos, and music. Since the cloud server (NAS device) is owned by the user, he/she has full control and ownership of the server.

What paves the way for the hurdle-free remote access is the P2P DirectConnect technology, which transfers data directly from point to point without stopping over at any 3rd party servers and can pass through firewalls that frequently cut off the data transfer path.

Increased usability and security, however, do not take extra complicated steps. On the contrary, the OS and tools have adopted more graphical icons, shortcuts, or smart widgets that help users manage the basic functions and settings with simple clicks, scrolls and drags.

ZyXEL Personal Cloud offers easy and simple mobile sharing with multiple users

“With the new OS and tools, the ZyXEL cloud appliances now offer matching or even surpassing usability and benefits over a public cloud.” said AVP of ZyXEL Cloud Appliance Business Center, Bill Su. “These tools mean to break the technical barriers that frequently stop people from trying a personal cloud – which is in fact more secure and economic due to full ownership and no recurring fees. Those looking for a balance between convenience and security should really try out the ZyXEL offers and discover how easy and simple using a personal cloud can be.”

The ZyXEL NSMv5.1 operating system and the ZyXEL Drive mobile app are currently compatible with ZyXEL Personal Cloud Storage models NAS540, NAS520 and will be compatible with upcoming new models NAS542 and NAS326. A comprehensive portfolio of 2-bay to 4-bay cloud storage appliances crowned with awards and media recognitions worldwide can be found here.

*A system upgrade notice will automatically show up on the user interface of the applicable ZyXEL Personal Cloud Storage models.

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