What’s so great about Zyxel Networks’ new USG H Series firewalls?

While to the untrained eye, digital security is almost invisible, behind the scenes there is a lot happening, which means you need appliances that can match the high performance of today’s multi-gigabit networks, as Kevin Drinkall explains.

While a swan might appear to be gliding effortlessly across the water, below the surface it’s paddling hard. It’s just the same with network security. While it might look like not that much is happening, the constant scanning of traffic and monitoring of activity on the network takes up a lot of resource.

Our growing dependency on digital systems has put much more strain on networks. This is why Zyxel Networks continues to develop faster multi-gigabit switches and WiFi access points. Our customers need the extra speed and capacity to support video conferencing and collaboration, to use cloud services and move the vast amounts of data and content they are now generating and using every day, across the network.

Best of both

At the same time, there is a growing cybersecurity threat. Our digital dependency means we have more to lose if systems are infiltrated. We need good, reliable protection – all the time, right across the network. That means security solutions also need to be faster and more responsive.

This is what we’re delivering with the new USG H Series of firewall appliances. They deliver both the dependable, multi-layered, AI-powered protection that you need, along with the fast throughput (up to 15 Gbps) that will prevent security from slowing apps or services down. With support for multi-gigabit speeds of up to 10 Gbps, they can take care of all the security activity without impacting on the performance and responsiveness of the network.

In addition, some models in the new H Series also come with Power over Ethernet (PoE) ports, so you can also run WiFi access points and 5G routers directly from the firewall itself. This provides extra flexibility for customers who might want to deploy extended connectivity close to where the appliance is located, without having to purchase and install a separate PoE switch and run extra cabling around the office.

Below the surface

We’ve also enhanced the user interface on the H Series, making it simpler and more intuitive. The new software has a fresh, clean look and it’s now much easier to set up complex security configurations.

And if you really do want to see what’s going on below the surface, you can, by using the Zyxel Networks Nebula cloud. This enables admins or managed service providers to monitor the network and change settings from anywhere. More of our customers are now choosing to manage their networks through Nebula. It’s a great way to keep everything running smoothly and ensure that, even if action is required to prevent something becoming a problem, the swan can continue to glide smoothly across the surface – and normal day-to-day business can continue as usual.

Kevin Drinkall is Director of Marketing & GTM Strategy, EMEA at Zyxel Networks.

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