Is AI a blessing or a curse when it comes to network security?

This is the big question that’s being asked by anyone involved in cybersecurity right now. On the one hand, AI can be used to identify and detect new potential threats. On the other, it can be used by cybercriminals to accelerate activity and find new and ever more ingenious ways to penetrate the network defences.

While there’s no simple answer, there is also no cause for alarm because, in terms of the constant struggle that’s going on behind the scenes between the cybercrime underworld and IT security companies, artificial intelligence and machine learning are just the latest tools they can use to try and get the edge.

Zyxel Networks and other companies involved in the protection of networks and digital assets must continue to make good use of this new technology to ensure we stay ahead in this never-ending race, keeping our fingers firmly on the pulse of AI and how it can be applied to network security.

We’re already using AI and ML in our security products and our Nebula cloud platform to ensure that our customers and partners have the best protection possible and that we – and they – are always one step ahead. If you’d like to find out more, please​ get in touch with our team.