Enterprise grade WiFi

Get enterprise grade WiFi at SMB prices

One of the reasons you might not want to invest in WiFi 7 just yet is that it costs more than older technologies. The upside is the performance and quality you will get by making use of the very latest technology. You’ll also future-proof your wireless network for years to come. And if you purchase Zyxel Networks’ WiFi 7 access points, you will also get enterprise grade WiFi at SMB prices, so you’ll get all the benefits without paying for a so-called ‘premium’ brand and receive an excellent return on your investment.

All Zyxel Networks’ WiFi 7 products are designed and built to deliver assured levels of performance and quality. We work with the industry’s leading and most trusted WiFi chipset maker. Customer feedback plays a big role in our product development cycle, and while WiFi 7 is quite a new technology, we’re confident that we’re delivering what our customers really need with all our products.

In addition, with our Nebula cloud management platform, we provide a simple way to deploy, monitor and control the wireless network. All that makes Zyxel Networks a smart choice for WiFi 7.

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